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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

YouTube Live threshold lowered to 100 subscribers

YouTube Live

It's a bit of good news for those looking to live stream economically advertising (free) an event without annoying pre-roll or overlay. YouTube, which has experimented with live in different stages since 2008, has lowered the threshold to use their YouTube Live streaming service. From Friday, holders of an account YouTube needs only to have 100 subscribers to their channel and be in good and due form to use the new features live streaming. If you can not get 100 subscribers, then you should be probably just let Internet.

A quick overview of the features that make YouTube so compelling live:

Completely free live and commercial-free (unless you want to, then you can participate in the revenue sharing) supports up to stream 1080 p to 6 MB/PSUs-bitrate transcoding HD - encode an HD stream and other charges are automatically generated and offered to the player (1080, 720, 480, 240, 360) Mobile/tablet support (Android & iOS) DVR functionality - rewind automatically at an earlier part of a direct broadcastAutomatic recording of the event live (duration 4 hours) analyticsFree in real time detailed Office encoder software – Wirecast for YouTube

To start, log in to your YouTube account. Go to settings-> the channel characteristics. Scroll down and you'll see a line that says live events.  Click on the button that says Enable next to him. If you do not activate, keep checking back as YouTube launches Live gradually to handle the expected load.  See the YouTube Live Streaming Guide for more information.  Happy streaming!

YouTube Live enable

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