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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sony Anycast touch all-in-one mixer video Live, recorder, encoder, and Streamer to NAB 2013

In the production live all-in-one switcher and streamer category comes the Sony Anycast Touch. This seems to be a convenient portable solution, especially if you have already invested in the Sony PTZ.

Sony Anycast Touch

What is unique about this guy is that he is the touch screen. Everything is focused on two shots by selecting and elements on the primary multi-view of touch screen or touch screen small secondary "settings".

Sony Anycast Touch

Anycast Touch can take up to six HD (HD - SDI 4, 2 HDMI) inputs. HDMI inputs can be substituted for source computer VGA RGB inputs. It can also take 4 separate XLR audio sources or 1/4 TRS.

Program mix outputs include 2 HD - SDI, HDMI and VGA RGB connection. There's also an HDMI port for duplication of your main touch screen views multiple on a separate monitor. Is also included several USB 3.0 ports to import content or export internal storage SSD 192 GB video recording of the Touch.

The built-in streaming encoder will encode your output of program in h.264/AAC and feed it to any RTMP from CDN or your Webcam live streaming preferred platform.

The Touch has CG titration of capabilities, graphic overlay layers, transitions and the ability to create templates with these elements and the picture-in-picture camera.

Probably the most conclusive, if you already have motorized PTZ robocams, is that touch their command. You can create scenes that lock is positioned behind closed doors to easy dynamic switching.

At a cost of retail under $20 k, this unit will probably challenge Newtek TriCaster in some key markets such as schools, churches, corporate communications and amateur sports.

Engadget has a video of a Sony representative who gives the Welcome to the jungle.

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