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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

24: live another day: watch season 1 Episode 11 online

by Christine Orlando to July 8, 2014 06:15.  Updated July 8, 2014 06:15.

Jack and Kate foiled the Russians in 24: live another day season 1 episode 11 - but that was far from being the last battle that Jack realized that Chen was alive, well and plot to start a war.

Worse still, discovering that Mark Boudreau has put in place. Chairman Heller threatens to Mark for arrest on charges of treason, but Jack says he needs him and his Russian connection to track down Cheng. Unfortunately, this plan fails spectacularly when the Russia ends with death.

Jack and Audrey have a heart to heart, by phone, but later she ends up in the crosshairs of Cheng, as he takes his Chinese contact and his secret service detail.

Meanwhile, Chloe managed to escape Cheng, but ends up stranded in the Woods.

If you missed a stop minute heart, you'll want to watch 24: live another day online here at TV Fanatic.

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