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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New material of Livestream to NAB 2014

At annual NAB Show this year in Las Vegas, there's lot to be enthusiastic in the world of live broadcasting over the Internet.

Livestream at NAB

Livestream, live Internet platform streaming, had quite a large footprint this year to show their new products. Livestream is best known for its live streaming service, but is more a complete professional broadcast-to-end solution. This means the implementation of a package of new video beautifully designed switching and hardware encoding this year.

Livestream Studio HD510 at NAB

Livestream has introduced new models of their live production switcher Livestream Studio. When the Studio was introduced last year, the Studio HD500 came out as one on laptop plug-and-play switcher/encoder. It was followed by only one version of the software that anyone can operate on their own standard reference of PC hardware with capture cards.

For 2014, Livestream has expanded its line with HD51, surround and models of HD1710 Studio. All models are multi-channel HD live production mixers that squarely address Newtek Tricaster. The HD51 and surround can take up to five sources HD - SDI or HDMI with the surround with a touch screen in its portable form factor. The HD51 and more expansive HD1710, require external monitors. The HD1710 can take a whopping 17 video sources HD - SDI, all can be shown on four screens of multiple and switched live views. All templates for multiple channels of ISO recording format AVI MJPEG. Not the best if your workflow is editing in Final Cut Pro 7, but many fine if you use Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X. A Livestream rep got supports Quicktime format will materialise.

Livestream Studio™ Tech Specs

The new impressive hardware does not stop there. Inspired by the Department of industrial design of Apple, Livestream has introduced a new hardware control surface simply called Surface. This control surface offers an intuitive and customizable interface to all controls of the Studio software interface. Each slider, button and the scale's Surface are mapped directly to their functions in software in the Studio. Surface is actually composed of two modules, Core and track. Is based on the control surface main switch that works with up to five channels of the source. Track is the extension that gives you 15 channels of sources more control, something you want if you have a Studio HD1710.

Livestream Studio HD1710

Livestream Studio combined with the Surface appears to be a formidable contender line Newtek Tricaster. Such as multiple titles, downstream overlay, graphic overlays and outputs of the program are all native Studio. One thing I'd like to see better supported expanded audio input connections. Livestream mixers have one or two mini jacks 1/8? for audio, or audio should be embedded on the HDMI and HD - SDI inputs. The HD500 and HD1710 specifications claim they can take up to four 1/4? analog audio inputs RTS, although it seems that you need to have a nest of snakes cable breakout to withdraw this as these models using the Blackmagic Design DeckLink Studio acquisition card for this. TriCaster has the advantage here, because analog XLR and TRS audio input connections are natively mounted material through their line.

Livestream Surface

Another feature standout for Studio is the ability to mix in a variety of sources of the camera remotely. Smartphones running Livestream, Teradek and diffuser of the encoders of top wireless and even Google Glass are all supported live sources.

As an encoder, Livestream Studio supports all major platforms and streaming RTMP destinations. Profiles YouTube and Ustream are populated in the menu destinations. Although Livestream includes a year of their release with their hardware platform service, using it is not necessary. I wrote previously about the Livestream service offerings.

All told, Livestream is firmly cutting a beautifully designed, intuitive direct broadcasting ecosystem, butt. We'll keep our eyes on them while they grow.

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