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Friday, May 21, 2010

Watch World Cup 2010 via Justin + explain how to use .

In this topic you Incentard solution to the problem seen via Justin often show us that this is the screen after several minutes of viewing through one site links Justin.

Which is useful to you need to participate in a special location in order to continue to watch through the Site
In this issue we review the solution to this problem, which will enable us to a continuing
Seen through the site without a problem.

The first thing we'll download software ULTRASURF He is an authority to change the IP address of your device.
As well as open blocked sites for your country.
You can download the program from several sites :

After downloading the program will land  compressed file in this format

We unzip the pressure by following the method described Image :

After decompressing, we run the program through the following icon

After running the program shows us the following form

After running the program the program to change the IP address of your device automatically, and to confirm that
You can visit the following website:

Now we choose the match link Elly want to see it from the website of Justin
We can watch the game without showing us the screen Elly mentioned above
Note : When you run the program, it logs out from the board .
- This version of Internet Explorer.


In the previous section we review the solution to the problem through the use of Internet Explorer
In this section we review how to solve the problem by using Almoszela Firefox browser
Before the beginning of anything you visit the following website:

After entering the site on the left of the screen you will find this menu choose which option referred to image

After choosing the option referred to us show the following screen:

This bar Click here to view the image as the correct image dimensions are 752x476.

The site gives seen for free, but to America and some other countries, especially European, including
Important to choose any IP from the states and most important need be.

I do not transpernt or codeen
As indicated in the picture
After you select the IP Elly we'll use to go to Mozilla Firefox
The above Nkhtarmen
Tools-> Options
Appears to us the following list

Choose Network as shown in the picture
Appears to us the following screen:

We have no ip address and port from the top Elly Achtarnhm do not forget that we know the option
use this proxy server for all protocols
As shown in the picture
After that we keep the option changes over ok
- Now we go to the site of Justin and enjoy watching without cutting
Note : Sometimes when you try the ip does not work online because the time Bacon become uncovered if it fails to work with you
B chose the way of any other.

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